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About Chemotherapy

     Chemotherapy drugs are very powerful medications that attack rapidly growing cancer cells.Sometimes these drugs also attack other rapidly growing cells in your body which also including those in your hair roots.

Cancer Hair Treatments

Step by Step - When your hair starts falling out due to Cemo treatments it can be a very difficult time. for you and those around you. not everyone looses all their hair so don't worry. also it will come back, just be patient. In the mean time I can help. if you don't want to shave your head I can do a step by step hair service where you come in bit by bit as you need it. Not everyone is comfortable shaving their head so I also offer times when no one is in the salon or I come to you. 

Henna Crowns - Don't like wearing wigs or hats but feeling self conscious about having a bald head, Sarah can give you a beautiful temporary tattoo on top of your head using henna.

Blending in New Hair - Thinking of getting hair extensions to blend your new hair growing back. Best options I have found to work and look the most natural without putting too much pressure on your scalp are: Tape in Extensions using keratin tape and the loop system. I also know how to make simple removable hair pieces that are easily to put in and are removable.

Other then hair your skin is also changing

Looking for help with other skin issues during your Chemotherapy Treatments?
I work with local Medical Esthetician Katie Marshall. She has extensive knowledge in many skin issues and has taken extended classes in Oncology Esthetics. for more information contact:
Katie Marshall