Sarah Alicia Thomas - Trichotillomania
arah Alicia Thomas - Hair, Make Up, Seamstress, Artist
About Trichotillomania

     What is Trichotillomania?  Many believe it is is the same area as OCD (Obessive-Compulsive Disorder) or BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) where compulsive urges from your brain cause the person to pull or pick at their hair. Other asoceate it with Onychophagia (nail biting) or Dermatillomania (skin pricking). What we do know is it is defined as a self-induced and recurrent loss of hair. Many who suffer from Trichoillomaina say it is brought on by stress, gratification,  relief, boredom, tension and vanity. 

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     As a service provider for hair I do not discriminated against those who may experience trich or other disorders. I am not shy about talking or disusing how to help or mask these issues. If you are very shy on dealing with your condition when strangers are present I am open to doing late nights or out of shop hours when available. Email me at [email protected] or feel free to text or call at 778-889-9396.