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Naturally Simple Bridle Package:
Bride Updo (bride gets a Trial Run), 2 Bride's Maids Updo and Flower girl Style
$150.00 (reg.$195)

The Apartment Photographer, Sarah Alicia Thomas, The Refinery Magazine,
Photo by: Apartment Photography 

Photo by: Apartment Photography 

Short Hair Styling

A Little Bling:
Using Glass or purl Beads to create a style with out having to need a lot of hair.
Hair Beading is a great alternative way to style up your hair for your big day. 
$20.00 to $40.00

A little Curl:
Using a curling iron, or just a little bit of styling product have a wave or classic curls to create a delicate look with an old fashioned flair. Finger waves and pin curls defined hair styles in the 30th and still is a classic look today.
$20.00 to $35.00

Themed Weddings

Having a theme wedding?  Get the style to match.  Running away to Middle Earth, 
flying high on a broomstick, classical Renaissance dancing or even a little Rebel with 
out a cause. Tell me your idea and we can make it work. 

Weddings I've worked on in the past:

Tudor Style Kings and Queens
Lady Arwin and her Elves
Startrek to the next Generation
A very Potter Wedding
30's with style
Country Affair
Mr. and Mrs "The Doctor"

Need a Make up Artist?

My list of Amazing Talented girls who I work with:

Melissa James

Brittany Pesklevits

Madison Hamilton

Have your own makeup but not sure how to use it?
I have stepped away from doing makeup because of cost of keeping a kit. 
I do however still apply make up if your trying to keep things simple.

$20.00 application fee.