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The Making of Eruka's Hat

Step 1: creating a base

Supply's: Measuring tape, scotch tape, cardboard and a Styrofoam ball 

First I measured the circumference of my head where I wanted the hat to sit. Then took strips of cardboard to create the main area of the top.I cut the Styrofoam ball in half for the eyes. and placed them where the eyes were going to sit. then I took more strips of cardboard folded in half to create the bottom rim. Finally i shaped the nose and top of the eyes with cardboard.

Step 2: keeping it together

Not pictured: I first papier mached the base to make it stronger. 

In photo: After it dried I used packing tape to cover and create my texture. Then I got wire to start creating the shape of the top.

Step 3: Top

To make sure I didn't get top heavy I only used wire and tape. covering the wire with tape and going side to side in and out covering entirely in tape.

Step 4: End of Hat

Taking more wire i shaped the end of the hat. Making it into a tadpole like tail.

Step 5: More tape!

Then like step 3 I covered inside and out with tape.(making sure the tape was not able to stick to the other side and misshape)

Step 6: First coat of paint

Mixing up my colour trying to get it as close to the original. Using Acrylic paint from the dollar store. for the eyes I used white nail polish to create a more realistic look.

Step 7: Texture and more paint

After first coat of paint dried I then used adhesive caulk. This helped create more texture and smooth out areas that were too pointy. I also cut two strips of cardboard and used nail polish in blue to create the rest of the eyes. Then covered them in Clear Caulking.

More Photos to come!